Allan Demond / Senior Pastor / NewHope Baptist Church Victoria
Zest Digital is fantastic!
They are experts in network development and maintenance and are of great value.
We appreciate how they challenge our thinking about IT. We have a lot of goodwill between us and an excellent relationship which is why we would encourage others to use them for their network development and maintenance. Zest Digital have big ideas and we support Hugh’s vision for his business, it is a wonderful dream.

Bernie Simmonds / Business Manager / Plenty Valley Christian College Victoria
Go and talk to Zest Digital for your school-based network solutions. Zest Digital do all our network and server engineering, and they offer excellent service, are willing to listen, provide proactive solutions to improve our network and the price is reasonable.
Their engineers are highly competent, responsive and knowledgeable and they take ownership of our company’s success. This forms the basis for sharing trust. We get on really well.

David Ellis / Director / CR Knight and Associates Pty Ltd. Melbourne
It’s a few years since we engaged Zest Digital to look after our network and they consistently meet our needs. What we like most about Zest Digital is how they serve our needs without a fuss; they are the experts. They respond promptly in a crisis – which is critical to our business.
Zest Digital’s personnel sort out everything and achieve what they set out to do, they are excellent! For CR Knight and Associates, it’s all about the service and that’s what Zest Digital is good at.

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